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Advertising Design

From corporate ID collateral (business cards, stationery, etc.), to sales slicks, billboards, displays and all your other print and digital media advertising, Sprout Media has the experience to bring you through the entire process of giving your future customers something to chew on that leaves them wanting more. View our Portfolio samples — just a small drop in the bucket of our many thousands of successful advertising projects.


Your brand is your company’s tireless companion. It seeds the minds of every prospect and customer with every vision and whisper of your business. It’s the foundation supporting every sales pitch and each stick of advertising and marketing you present. Your logo is the visual cornerstone and the star of your brand, but it’s only part of the whole picture. Your brand is a theme you present with consistency that gives you a unique, identifiable presence to differentiate you in your market. Its job is to help you attract and retain loyal customers. For your target audience, your brand can make the difference between taking up space or making a lasting impact.  Large or small, if you want to grow your business, we’re here to help you with a strong brand vision and execution you can confidently stand behind in all you do.

Web Design / Development

The engine that delivers your web design to its station as an effective marketing tool is your creative direction and management. Our primary focus is in your design, research, persuasive copy and final execution of an interactive solution that speaks to your customers and incites action. Partnerships with top-flight specialists keep us ahead of ever-evolving technology for endless flexibility and added back-end development and coding support. Our creative direction, connections and ownership of your website’s final execution is what Sprout Media does best.

Sprout Media photography is offered to you as an accompaniment to your design projects. This in-house service adds a layer of accountability in how well your photographs are utilized from staging, shooting, and retouching through the final design process — your Sprout Media photographer understands the details of how each shot will mesh with the intricacies of your planned layouts.  Our relationships with more specialized photographers can also meet any need you have.


Printing / Production / Displays / Promotional

With over 75 years combined family experience and worldwide connections in the print and advertising media industries, as a Sprout Media client, our amazing trade-only partnerships are also your price point and quality assurance ally. Just flip our switch as we efficiently handle design through ordering, production and delivery. Your peace of mind is knowing that every detail is combed over, “it’s coming on time” and “it’s done right”. Endless standard and custom options are available to you from our national and international trade partners through Sprout Media. When you need something extra nice:  from business cards, brochures and leaflets, catalogs, books and magazines, displays, labels, packaging, clothing and promotional items to many other custom production solutions, our trusted resources are a great benefit to you.

From product label lines to blister packs, cases, displays, boxes and more, Sprout Media guides your project from concept through production. With the experience in executing hundreds of package designs, we also offer you a long list of print service options. Also, think outside the box — there’s almost always a custom creative solution that nobody has yet realized. Bring on your most creative challenge!

Packaging Design


When you’re so close to your own task, it’s often hard as an insider to unearth what’s right in front of you. You know there’s a perfect solution right there, you’re just not sure precisely where to dig. Brainstorming creative solutions is a big part of what we do every day. We help many clients with all sorts of creative ideas and strategies for organizational structuring, understanding customer reactions, sales pitches/concepts, scripting, technical dilemmas, resolving conflicts, or just helping with general outside creative perspective... The more we engage with your business, the more we get to know you and the many often surprising angles that will help your campaign. Whenever you need an extra creative head, just call and we can chat or schedule a sit down.

Your branded phrases, your headlines, your body copy... they’re all equally important to your graphics. Who's writing your copy? Who’s revising and editing your words to massage them into effective, persuasive marketing-grade material? This is so often overlooked.  When you hire Sprout Media, you’re getting a commitment to the belief that every single word matters in its objective to your goals, always. We’re here to take your most brilliant thoughts, ideas and words and help them spring to life as meaningful, easy-to-read text with resonating impact.